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About Us

What is more that can be said that hasn't already been elucidated ad nauseam on in the other pages of this site?

Welcome to the Mayo Family! Everything you wanted to know about us in easy-to-swallow-pill-form!

Contact Us:

robert ( at ) mayofamily.com

Due to the ginormous number of email harvesters and spambots that crawl the web, I will not present direct links to my e-mail address, or anyone else's e-mail address. Copy and paste the address above into your e-mail address box, and replace the (at) with the @ character. Please be patient. I am one of the greatest procrastinators to ever exist - so if I don't reply back to you immediately, I probably put off some big task or project and I am, even as you read this, feverishly trying to keep my skin intact and staying out of hot water. If you have sent mail and are waiting, don't worry, a reply will reach you eventually. I promise!


This website is primarily a written medium for our personal and family opinions, ideas, interests, thoughts and outlooks on life. I and my family do not represent anyone and their opinions in any way, shape or form.

I personally enjoy, among other things: Star Trek, Star Wars, role-playing-games, books, science-fiction, fantasy, woodworking, shooting and firearms, computers, programming, science and technology, etc. My wife and children like a lot of other stuff. Somewhere on this site (for example), I may have interesting information on the Millennium Falcon. This may make someone "less-than-happy".

Any information is here for the enjoyment our friends and I, with no intention of stealing any proprietary material for inappropriate use. I have and will continue to rigorously given writer and artist credit where credit is due.

Still, there is always a chance I may step on some person's toes. I more than willing to accommodate anyone who has a legal right to any material I have presented here and wishes for it to be removed. So if you own part or all of anything, be it text or graphics, posted here, and you believe it has been done so in violation of your legal rights, please email me. I will happily remove any and all material that cannot be posted non-profit to the internet in the public domain. Just send me e-mail and we'll discuss the specifics.