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The Origin of Her Name...

In a sentence, Aurora's name is a unique one. I am convinced that one of the hardest things in the world is for a wife and husband to both agree on a name for a new baby. Granted, it is a serious decision - the child, who has no control over the whole process, has to live with their name every day for the rest of their life. So parents who don't take new names seriously or come up with some whacked out, trendy name should be forced to change their own name and then go back through puberty with it.

Alyssa and I finally came up with Aurora's name after months of discussions and literally hundreds of different permutations, variations and combinations of names. So what exactly were we thinking?

Princess Aurora

First things first; Aurora was named after the atmospheric phenomena, not the Disney princess from Sleeping Beauty. Let me repeat that; as much as I like Disney, their movies and the fact that Princess Aurora is very pretty, we did not name our second girl "just like Princess Aurora". I need to start a bank account and deposit a dollar for every time I have heard that... her college will be paid for.

Her middle name, Lyrae, was chosen for three reasons.

First and foremost, because we liked it.

Second, in keeping with the astronomy theme, she was named after the Lyra constellation. The Lyra constellation has special meaning for me - despite my abysmal musical talent, I love music and managed to marry an extremely musically gifted woman. One of the instruments that she plays is a harp. Lyra is Latin for Lyre, an ancient (the best known is the Greek lyre) musical instrument very similar in sounds to a harp. I hope that Aurora will love music as much as we do, and I hope desperately that she inherits her mother's talents, not mine! Alyssa once told me that to describe me as 'tone-deaf' would be an understatement...

Third, saying that she was named after the Lyra constellation doesn't explain the final 'e' on the end of the name. Each individual star in the Lyra constellation is a Lyr, all of the stars together are Lyrae. Aurora is my second daughter, my second star. Additionally, Beta Lyrae stars are a special type of binary star systems, which are unique systems in that they have two stars. We currently have two daughters - two brilliant, twinkling stars in my family.

And thus, our newest baby girl acquired the name "Aurora Lyrae Mayo"

- Robert L. Mayo